so effortless

his pictures are always flawless.

outdoor showers

i love a great outdoor shower... theres nothing better than getting out of a hot tub and washing off outside. see more of them here.



light dinner

what an easy and light recipe to go along with the outdoor dining pictures from this post!

quote of the day

"all you need is love. but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."
-charles m. schulz

warm weather dining

i loved these outdoor dining images from sunset, gotta love summer!

diy projects

i recently found these rad ideas for diy projects. i think i need to get crafty soon!

the sister has been thinking about making her own headboard. i think these ideas from sunset magazine are great!

turning old dresser drawers into a shelving unit, who would have thought? instructions from crafty nest here.

i can not tell you how frustrated i get when i look for duvets! how hard is it for someone to design something simple? well look no further, do one yourself! design*sponge always has great ideas.


quote of the day

"being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
-lao tzu

money well spent

found this dress online awhile back but just recently made the purchase. of course i got it in the black but now that i've fallen head over heels for it i'll be getting the red and maybe the evergreen. i wore it out the other night with many rave reviews. my girlfriends all plan to purchase them as well. it's the ultimate traveling dress, in a few different colors you're set for at least a week. be sure to watch the video on the 15 ways to wear it!

desire to inspire

i absolutely love this blog... prepare to drool!

more grilled pizza!

i have a love for pizza that borderlines obsession... there is just so much you can do with a pizza, it's quite fabulous really. i have posted a recipe for grilled pizza once before, but i'm pretty sure that these recipes look even better.

recipes here


quote of the day

"fashions fade, style is eternal"
-yves saint laurent

i die

my big purchase last weekend was this exciting book! i am a big fan of rachel zoe, it's either you love her or hate her. i belong to the love side...

the feeling i have about the second season coming out is similar to a kid on christmas. talking about it with the sister, my eyes get the size of saucers, it's silly really... but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures!

great song

they played this when they opened up for death cab a couple weeks back. one of my current favorites!