my obsession

what is better on a cold day like today that a big cup of hot chocolate?

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pretty pretty photos

the wonderful weather i've been raving about... it's gone. adios. sayonara. bye-bye.
well it was fantastic while it lasted.
i thought i would look for pretty photos instead of dwelling on the rain outside.

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picnic lunch with angela

what a beautiful day!!

our "table"

mmmmm, berries!



not one....

but two eagles joined us for lunch!


funny how the splashes of color im attracted to are always red. i've had these images in my photo folder for months now. always minimalist, lots of white and wood accents.

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i mentioned last week the gorgeous weather we've been having here in washington. over the weekend angela and i went out to washington park for a little photo shoot. her and i weren't the only people excited to get out in the sunshine. i swear that... THE WHOLE TOWN OF ANACORTES WAS OUT THERE! we felt so silly trying to hunt down the perfect spots for pictures. not only that but when we did find them, people would appear out of the trails catching us taking angelas "senior pictures". angela wants everyone to know that she is not at all pissed off in these pictures... she said she needs to, "work on my face". here are a couple from saturday, we are hoping to get to causland park to take a few more.

best fritatta ever

this is a little late... i made this fritatta for ryan and i about a month ago. it was the first time i had ever made one, and i was really impressed with the way it turned out. the recipe is from rachael ray, who is not one of my favorites but it sounded amazing. i added some mushrooms to it because we had some in the fridge.
we also put some fresh basil on the top from our aerogarden. if you need a great recipe for over night guests i highly recommend this. it's super easy and extremely tasty! all you need is some mimosas, which were part of this meal as well. my new twist on mimosas, use watermelon juice instead of OJ. it is so light and delish. it is 9am... i am at work... but i could go for one right about now  ;)


spring fever

these past couple days have been beautiful here in washington! hence the dress shopping yesterday and all the thoughts of fun spring activities. and the major layout makeover, from black to... pinks?!?
*feels head*  am i feeling ok?
that i am, i feel like im coming out of hibernation. what the sun will do to your disposition.
so in honor of the glorious weather... and since it's friday and im in a fabulous mood  :)
i thought i would post some yummy pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

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season change please...?

i am in serious need of some thawing... where are you spring?! i can not wait to wake up to the sun, the birds chriping and the smell of spring. and in honor of the up coming change i just accidentally ordered these new dresses from forever.

other spring time activities i am looking forward to:
-after work drinks in the beer garden at the brown
-having the windows in our apartment open 24 hours
-cruising with the sunroof open
-wearing sandals & dresses everyday
-bbq's and beer
-walking to the saturday morning farmers market


etsy wish list

currently in love with these esty items...

im also a HUGE fan of her blog

if i only had the patience!

i would love love love this in the true blue color for spring & summer!

all of her stackable rings are to die!