photo shoot 3, new products!

our third photo shoot was this past sunday and MAN was it cold out! after our first set of pictures we sat in lindseys van with the seat warmers and heat on blast. the cold weather is perfect for me, it's the reason i crochet my little heart out! i could honestly wear a scarf around my neck every single day, but the summer months don't allow it.... ok shawna, zip it! ...on with the pictures!

all of them can be seen (among others) in my etsy shop  :)


yarn porn

yarn porn you ask...? do you watch anthony bourdain like i do? when he gets a spectacular dish set in front of him and he is in absolute awe he calls it "food porn".
well here, my friends, is my version of that... yarn porn...

images 1 - 8 from weheartit. image 9 & 10 from purl soho.


photo shoot numero dos

Lindsey did another amazing job! soooo happy  :)  thank you again to Lindsey for the great photos and to Sunni for modeling. this second shoot took place during the week around noon in downtown anacortes when everyone was taking their lunch breaks.
here's the scenario: me with scarves & hats in hand ready for the trade off (doing my best rachel zoe), lindsey shooting away telling sunni to stop blinking and sunni doing a great job of not cracking up laughing. people probably thought she was getting her senior photos taken  ;)

hello miss americas next top model! heee-aaaay!

they can all be seen here


fall is here ♥

my favorite season is upon us again and i couldn't be more happy... or cold! here are more pictures i love right now, all with fall in mind.

oh my god, in my search for "rainboots" this came up. how effing cute is that little guy?! ha!

all images from weheartit

let the pictures roll....

i haven't done a pretty photo post in awhile so i thought i'd do that today. bit of a break from all my crochet posts as of late.

all pictures for weheartit


new product pictures!!!!

i couldn't be more happy! Lindsey Koegel took some pictures of my scarves and beanies. they turned out so amazing, i love them ALL!! i can't believe how much of a difference these pictures make for the look of my etsy shop. i'm on cloud 9 right now  :)

a second photo shoot took place today... more pictures to come tomorrow  :)