new year, new knits

i've been working on some lovely new knits lately. (all are pictures from my phone. i apologize in advance for the crap quality). since the start of the new year i've been doing some selfish knitting. seems like forever since i've actually made something for myself. feels nice :)

my "jane" beanie

i thought i'd try a multi colored beanie. super happy with the way it turned out. the fit is amazing!

a nice assortment :)

i put my fears aside for this piece. i overcame 3...
1. knitting with dpns (double pointed needles)
2. knit a sock, a stirup sock actually. using this pattern
3. fair isle. need i say more?
i am very happy with the way the pattern and colors worked. but not happy enough to start and finish the second one. i may be experiencing second sock syndrome. i'll get around to it eventually!

this little number i made for my sister.
it's the same concept as the one black/grey/white one i made for myself, but i added a row of hearts. for the hearts i used this chart. sunni told me she wants to live in it. i think she likes it :)