my evening plans...

im so excited for this evening, such big plans. im finally starting my aerogarden! it's been sitting in my apartment staring at me... well finally tonight is the night. can not wait to have fresh herbs through out the winter. especially since this time of year is my fav to be in the kitchen.

i will also be making some more jewelry. i got some new supplies the other night from my aunt and her antique shop. AND yet another reason to be excited, im meeting my sister's boyfriend for the first time. they are coming over for leftovers... i made a HUGE batch of pasta and meatballs last night. can not wait, yay!

fall wish list & can't live without's

cold weather cooking

fall and winter make me want to get back into the kitchen. summertime is too hot to be in front of the stove... plus i would rather be drinking in the beer garden at the brown lantern ;)

i've never made a stew before and saw giada making this one day. looks so easy and really yummy.
then i saw this lovely picture on the sunset magazine website... recipe here.

and what better to finish either of these off with? something pumpkin of course, 'tis the season! these come from paula deen. and can you believe it, the pumpkin bars DO NOT have butter in them. shocker! i guess there is oil, but paula manages to add butter to everything.


love these

im not a big fan of halloween, or for that matter, a fan of carving pumpkins. what a mess! and living in a building i don't have a front porch to even display them. yes, i'll go ahead and say it "bah-humbug!" but i just ran across these awesome ideas... i know it's a little too close to halloween but i had to post them anyways.

these black cat o'lanterns are sooo cute!

toadstools, way cute. my gramma actually did one of these and it turned out really good!



i have been slacking on my blog lately... im pretty positive that the only person (excluding me) that really cares would be nelly. with that said, nelly i promise to be more proactive from here on out. things are lookin up in my personal life which really helps me to focus on the things i love the most: fashion, jewelry, shopping and cooking!

here are a couple new blogs that have been on my radar. im loving everything maegan! her DIY's alone will have you coming back for more. i die! another one would be emily's, when i found hers i thought she was a girl after my own heart. a lot about fashion with a splash of cooking/recipes, just great!

on that note... im off to do another one of my favorite things, have lunch with my girlfriend angela.

angela & i: oyster run '09



my favorite season is finally here. boots, scarves and jackets... oh my!