you have GOT to be kidding me...

my absolute favorite season to dress for is fall, always has been. i loved back to school shopping as a kid and would brib my dad to let me wear my new clothes early. in my annual search for new fall clothing i am on the hunt for some sweet new wedges... i hit up my favorite shoe website endless (you can't beat free overnight shipping!) and i found these HORRENDOUS shoes.

what the hell were they thinking when they designed these shoes? better question, what were they ON? i don't know what was worse: finding that these shoes existed OR seeing that they actually had a review! you are not going to believe this....

"As far as looks, this shoe is exactly what I was looking for; but, the fit is no good. Based on reviews from other websites, I ordered the shoe a half size larger than what I normally wear and it was still snug. Also, there is virtually no arch support. Its not a shoe that you could wear all day long but its good quality and very cute."

i honestly have no words...


love love love!

i stalk a lot of blogs and websites, there are so many in my favorites that i haven't linked to my blog. i'll update, i promise.

this chicky is pretty sweet! she makes funky jewelry, is a photographer and is all around awesome.

this particular post i couldn't resist talking about... these have to be some of thee best family photos i've ever seen!

visit promise's blog here... totally worth it!


my new (well kinda) tattoo

i can't believe i haven't posted a picture of my newest tattoo! as i said in this post i won a tattoo contest last year and won a gift certificate to Bandana Mikes here in Anacortes. i waited and waited to get this tattoo and i'm not really sure why because it's something i will never regret getting! so anyways.... here it is  :)

alittle closer up...

he did such an amazing job, i really love it! visit Bandana's site here.