just a couple pictures of some of my work's in progress...

and these pictures were actually taken with my new phone... better quality than the old one fo sho!


status updates, no mo!!

i haven't done a status update in months, you may have noticed. why you ask? that's a very good question, with a couple different answers.

the first being... that last month i was supposed to do an update i completely changed my workout routine. i went from circuit training to just jogging in preperation for my first 5k (holla!). so when the day came for my measurements i got out the tape measure and ryan went to my waist first. he gave me the number and i looked at the previous month for my waist and i was an inch above that. i immediately grabbed the tape measure and said "we aren't doing this anymore!"
i totally learned a lesson from that month. if you're trying to lose weight or inches, straight cardio isn't gonna do it! for me at least. so after that month i wasn't going to track my measurements cause in my eyes, having to add to my previous numbers was a sign of failure.

the second... i came to the realization that i don't care what the scale says. ok, that's a lie. i don't care what the scale says as long as the poundage doesn't go back up to 167 or higher, which was where i started. i had long talks with myself and figured out that i just want to be STRONGER. i don't want to feel fragile in my early 30's. i didn't like the back pain i was feeling, the crunchy knees walking up stairs, the mindset that i was going to always be the "bigger friend". im sorry, but that's pathetic and i wasn't going to fall into it and let myself go!
so from now on, no more status updates! i appreciate the feedback that i received, i truly do. now i will just post about my accomplishments. i am thinking about registering for a 10k that takes place in bellingham on october 3rd. that is a great goal for me and i'm really excited for it!

another thing i've learned along the way is that i'm pretty tough. i've done things in the last 4 or 5 months that i didn't think i could do. i can now jog 3 miles without stopping, i can circuit train and keep up with jillian michaels (wow!), and i'm a helluva a lot happier!

thank you all for listening and i will be sure to post pictures after my 10k  :)


champagne & cigarettes

in true model form sunni & i drank champagne and smoked (well i did, smoked that is, i know bad) before our big photo shoot... here's what we came up with.

you can find these items for sale in my etsy shop, which is in the process of getting a makeover so bear with me til it looks perfect  :)



i've been on a mission since saturday to create a ton of new stuff for my etsy shop. so far i've made 5 scarves and a beanie... and this is after my day job. more pictures to come as soon as they're taken!!