a short hiatus...

ive been slow on the posting lately... there is not a end in sight thats for sure. but i may need to take some time off for just alittle while. the reason why im posting it here is to hold myself accountable.
it's almost a letter to myself... and the other 2 readers of this blog  :)
i have decided that i need to become a leaner healthier version of myself. and in doing that all my time is going to educating myself, working out or cooking healthy meals.
i have had times in the past where i jump on the bandwagon for a couple weeks and get bored or don't see any results. this time is going to be different. im making that promise to myself.

ive become almost obsessed with jillian michaels and the biggest loser lately. she's a tough broad and i like that. starting this week ive worked out and eaten better in hopes of losing some weight and getting more toned. to be honest, the main reason im doing it is to gain more self confidence. i will be turning 31 next month so ive set a small goal for myself, only time will tell if i reach it.

since ive become completely engulfed in this process to continue my motivation, i may not post as much. the last thing i want to do is turn this into a health, fitness and weightloss blog. im not saying im against them by any means, it's just not how i wanted my blog to turn out.

so every now and then i might pop my head in to post something silly or interesting, but it will not be as frequent. this is my time to do it, and i will succeed. if its not getting to my goal weight, if its blowing my calorie intake every now and then that's fine. my main goal is to be proud of myself for not giving up and not letting myself down. and to be honest... get into a bathing suit this summer  ;)

thank you for reading this whoever you are.

until next time...



this weekend

i will be here...

seeing her...

how jealous are you?!

i sure hope her little nugget, chuy, is there too  :)

how freakin cute is he?! haha!


DIY'S im dying to do!

what a great idea, to use as tags for your handmade goods. link here

i have to do this one, what a great bag to take to the farmers market!
found on design*sponge but redirects here

how cute is this?! i made one last night, took about 30 to 45 mins. no joke!
found on ravelry, redirects to this blog.

ok this necklace ive actually made... well in my own way. i used blue and black thread and linked them together, hanging from silver chain. i have a bunch of other styles i want to try out though
found on threadbanger, redirects to craftzine

ahhhhh! how cute are these?!?
drawer hangers from design*sponge


wish list

here are some of the items im currently wanting/craving right now

from ozetta

an unlimited supply of yarn, preferably this kind
lovely picture from weheartit

many many more tattoos. currently wanting a ball of yarn and crochet hook tatttoo  ;)
image from weheartit

all of these please!
from sephora

loads of new sandals including this pair from nordys

a gazillion new dresses for spring/summer like this one. also from nordys

frozen yogurt with berries. we need a pinkberry!

and much more sunshine please!


happy birthday baby ♥





you are:
...my favorite
...my number one
...my best friend
...the one that can always make me laugh
...my partner in crime
...the love of my life
...my future husband

i love you so much it's silly. happy birthday ryan!