family weekend!

this past weekend, well sunday i should say was jam packed full of family. my day started out with a last minute call from nelly wanting to get coffee. my response, "ummm, you're in a-town? hellsyes, let's get a cup o' joe!".
ok ok it was more like "im still in bed when will you be here... 20 MINUTES?!? word, i'll meet you downstairs!"
you're right, nelly isn't part of my actual blood family but i would totally consider her my sis-tah!

after coffee, sunni, my honest to goodness real sis-tah wanted to go on a bike ride. i don't think she knew what she was getting into! but 6 miles later, she was still in one piece, but sore as hell. and yes, i did pat myself on the back for kickin her booty ;)

then it was off to ava's first birthday party. ava is ryan's niece and she is about the cutest thing EVER! and being the soon-to-be auntie that i am i whipped up this blankie for her.

ok "whipped up" isn't the right term to describe this blankie situation. i started this blanket several months ago then didn't touch it for about 2 months. i do my best work under pressure... meaning i sat on the couch the ENTIRE DAY saturday until i finished at midnight. phew, it's done!

alright enough of that, on to the birthday girl! this is miss ava with her lady bug cupcake!

completely unsure

let's hope this black-lipstick-goth thing is just a phase.

yes, im jealous of those eyelashes too!

had too add this picture too. among all the toys and cool kid stuff she got she manged to snuggle with the blanket for a shot or two ;)

after the birthday bash ryan and i headed to my grammas house for our monthly family dinner. did i mention that the party was at 3, with it's own full menu. then dinner at my grammas was at 6, with yet another full menu...
*some amazing girls i know including nelly & brooke RAN a 1/2 marathon this past weekend... well i ATE my way through a half marathon.*

anyways... family dinner was amazing as always and filled with many more babies including:

my cousin makoy, isn't he a doll?! sorry ryan but your one eye blink had to be cropped out.

my cousin tasha's little girl, stellah. yes, at 2 months, she has all that hair!

then there is this little super star. makoy's older sister and my cousin logyn...

i was alittle late recording her singing cause my camera was in the other room. the whole song and dance started with her dad asking "would you like to sing for us logyn?"
to which she replied "I'D LOOOOOOOVE TO!"
which was probably the best part but what i did get is so stinkin cute! you can't catch 'em all...

hope everyone's sunday was as fabulous as mine was!


dinner with three of my favorite people

dinner last friday was spent at the wilde rover in kirkland with nelly, mark & ryan. the food was awesome, the beer was flowin but the company was the best part!

then we had a round of irish car bombs...

don't hate us cause we're beautiful.

slightly stoopid weekend

this past weekend a group of us crazy kids went to marymoor park to see slightly stoopid in concert. i was alittle scared that the weather wasn't going to hold and that our outdoor concert was going to be soggy. my indian 'sun dance' needs some work apparently... there wasn't sunshine but it sure didn't rain! perfecting the sun dance is on my to-do list!


more inspiration

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easy, go-to recipe

with literally 10 minutes to search for a recipe with ryan's stipulation of "something chicken" i came across these...

they were seriously so good. i added some extra seasonings like coriander and cumin, also used extra lime juice and cilantro. i will definitely make these babies again. if you decide to try them let me know what you think!

recipe here