new dinner recipe!

it is supposed to be a side dish but i added shredded chicken to it to make it a main dish. it was so so good and really easy to make! i will make it again for sure, maybe next time i'll add some flank steak!

birthday drinks with the girls!

i know, i know... angela and brie should really start tanning. i make them look like ghosts  ;)


status update!!

nelly suggested that i should post more about my weight loss journey...

"You know what you should do while your on your weightloss kick...BLOG IT!! What your eating, how your feeling, what excersises your doing, whats been hard, whats be easy, etc. I bet people would love it!! At least I would...even though we talk about it everyday!!"
i decided that maybe i should, ive been on track and these are my highlights for my one month mark:
  • i have been working out at least 4 times a week, some weeks 5 times
  • i have successfully kept track of my daily caloric intake ( i do slack on the weekends sometimes)
  • i have learned a ton of stuff from being a member of the Jillian Michaels website ( i LOVE her!!)
  • i successfully integrated low cal meals not only into mine & ryans diet but also have been making them for our weekly girls nights. the best site ever, eating well
  • i used to only eat 2 times a day, now i am eating 4 times a day. breakfast, lunch, snack & dinner.
  • i have cut my coffee intake down from 3 to 4 cups a morning to 1... 1 measly cup of coffee a day  :(
  • i have noticed that i consider everything i eat now that i have to write it down. i really do want that candy bar/hot chocolate/piece of cake/large pizza but do i really want to log that...? nope! *pat on back!*
  • i have gained a lot of pride in myself for sticking with it

and now the scariest part that i will divulge... my stats!

march 22, 2010:
  • weight 167
  • bust 44.25
  • waist 33.5
  • hips 42
  • thigh 24.25
  • bicep 12.75

april 22, 2010:
  • weight 159
  • bust 43
  • waist 32.25
  • hips 40.5
  • thigh 23.5
  • bicep 12.75

the weight might change tomorrow morning, at least im hoping it will. i weigh myself once a week and that is where i was at last saturday. i am really hoping it is 2 pounds less than that as that was my goal for my birthday, to lose 10 pounds. im really not sure where i stand though. i have been dealing with a bad back this week from an injury that happened last year. i really was going to push myself to the limit this week but the back wasn't letting me. i didn't want to hurt myself further so i took it easy, pretty much stuck to light cardio this week instead of my circuit training. although last night i did a 2 mile walk AND the biggest loser, last chance workout, as i felt i could handle it. i didn't finish the whole last chance workout, i left off the final circuit which consists of mountain climbers and the like. i would have thrown my back out and been left on the floor screaming for help! ryan wasn't home so i can only imagine what riff raff would have heard my screams at the elks across the street! :D

all in all i am very pleased with my progress and i will do another progress post in a month. i am almost half way to the weight i pledged to lose for the pound for pound challenge! such a great feeling, woooohoooo!


new recipe, tortellini salad

i haven't posted a recipe for awhile and i thought this one was worthy. although it doesn't have a picture (i love the pictures) it really is fantastic! it will be a great recipe for spring/summer bbq's. i will be making it again for sure.

link here

and if you haven't searched that website before i highly recommend it. not only are the recipes all low cal they are packed with flavor!


i pledged!

I am participating in the Pound for Pound Challenge. I pledged to lose 20 pounds and donate to Food Lifeline in Shoreline, WA.

for more information please visit their website or facebook page