status update for May

this getting into shape/losing weight thing has proven to be harder than i had expected! although this past month has been great! ryan has started working out with me and i can't tell you how much it's been helping me.

highlights for month 2:
  • for my birthday (end of april) my dad bought me a bunch of new clothes. i purchased them all in a size smaller than i was for more incentive... i was able to wear the tops, dresses AND 2 pairs of the jeans in the last couple of weeks. a whole month sooner than i had expected!
  • while down at nellys we walked green lake... TWICE! i never thought i'd be able to walk almost 6 miles at one time, and it felt great!
  • i've never enjoyed jogging, ever. but this past week i thought i would give it a shot. i walk/jogged monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday! with saturday being 45 minutes of 2 minutes of jogging 3 minutes of walking, with ryan on the tommy thompson trail! it was amazing!
  • im still counting my calories and cooking healthy meals for ryan & i. he's been doing so good that when he's with the guys watching b-ball he'll eat chicken instead of hot dogs! good job babe.
  • i FINALLY got down past my 10 pound mark, and wow did it feel good!

stats so far:

march 22, 2010:

  • weight 167
  • bust 44.25
  • waist 33.5
  • hips 42
  • thigh 24.25
  • bicep 12.75

april 22, 2010:

  • weight 159
  • bust 43
  • waist 32.25
  • hips 40.5
  • thigh 23.5
  • bicep 12.75

may 22, 2010:

  • weight 156
  • bust 41.5
  • waist 30.75
  • hips 40.5
  • thigh 24.25
  • bicep 12.50
i was having a hard time with my scale this month. seems like my weight was fluctuating so much, it was completely frustrating. although i am only down 11 pounds my measurements tell an entirely different story. 3 or so inches from my bust and almost 3 from my waist definitely makes me happy! once i saw those numbers i was content with where i am. i will keep it all up and see where i am next month! i hope to be able jog at least 5 or 6 minutes at a time and i would really like to get into that bathing suit i bought!

until next month...



love love love all these outfits... for more inspiration click here


weekend recap

this past week ryan found out that his uncle passed away. so him and his dad embarked on a roadtrip to attend the funeral... in St. Louis! yes, very long drive. they left around 4pm last wednesday and are on their final leg today. so exciting he will be home tonight!!
i just didn't like the idea of sitting around all weekend by myself... that's when nelly said "you should come down here for the weekend!" my response, "helllllsyes!!" so i packed a weekend bag, that was ridiculously huge, and headed down friday after work.
i have to start by saying that this weekend was completely random and i have to admit, one of the funnest i've had in a very long time!
friday we met up with jordan & todd and went to kirkland to the wilde rover for some dinner & drinks. ok, this place was AMAZING!!! such a relaxed enviornment with great beer, even better food and the band they had was a lot of fun! i had the horseradish crusted salmon... hellll-ooooohhh, it was incredible!!
my friend heather saw (via facebook) that i was in the area so we made plans with her for saturday.
saturday before meeting up with heather nelly & i hit up the goodwill to find some treasures. she had some luck and found a couple things. all i found was a mild anxiety attack from trying on a too-small dress. nelly had to help pull it off of me, phew, still is too fresh in my head to talk about it. haha!
next nelly, elly may & i met up with heather at green lake for a little stroll... which turned into walking it twice. im so surprised i wasn't sore the next day! it was such a beautiful day for a walk.
after that we showered and headed to bellevue square to run some errands. then met up with nelly's sister kate for happy hour at ruth's chris. drinks and appy's were delish like always! then it was onto a bbq at ryan & ana's house, what a beautiful night for it! the food was awesome as well as the company. i'm so glad heather was able to come with us. it was good to see everyone and i can see a lot more weekends like that in store over this summer!

even though i had a blast down south i still am a little bummed that i missed the first weekend of the farmers market here in anacortes. i'll just have to hit it even harder this coming weekend!

hope everyone had a pleasant weekend like i did! and thank you nelly for inviting me down, i had the best time!


so frightening!

i did the absolute, most scary, gut wrenching thing today... yep, you guessed it. i shopped for a new swim suit! *screams*
although it was online that didn't make it any less scary.

i would put up a picture of it here on this post, but it is from victorias secret. the girl modeling it is that really skinny one, you know the one... sandy blonde hair, huge ta-tas, flattest stomach ive ever seen, blah blah blah.

so i've decided NOT to put you, or myself, through that. instead i will describe it: zebra print halter top with plain black scoop bottoms with a side tie. so incredibly cute, so incredibly vomit inducing. why am i so scared?! well i thought about that and the last time anyone saw me in a suit (without clothes over it) was the summer of 2008. yes, it's true! but im going to live in this new suit thee ENTIRE summer!

and i can not wait!

and if you really want to see it. here is the top and this is the bottom.