sunni's birthday weekend (in pictures)

sunni and i went to seattle this past weekend for a little birthday celebration. here's what we did...

had korean bbq for dinner, so very tasty

we sang sunni happy birthday

red velvet... mmmmm

we didn't bother with plates

posed for pictures with rosanna

the three of us *yes that is one of my hats rosanna is wearing  ;)

the birthday girl danced with some random who took dancing VERY seriously

we posed for sister photos

and drank champagne in the limo, cause you just have to

before leaving the big city we ate breakfast at kingfish and it was superb

i will also add that we did some shopping. the tank i am wearing... nordy's for one penny. one cent.  .01¢. yeah i couldn't believe it either! happy birthday sunni, to many more!


oh my... oh my.... oh my...

i've been following Maegan's blog for well over a year now. she has awesome DIY's, fun decorating tips, but my favorite are her outfit posts! she always has the cutest shoes...

this picture is one of my faves. she's wearing her DIY'ed feather skirt, how freaking adroable is that? and it also has her little doggie LeRoy in it!

i'm very flattered and completely overjoyed that she included my beanie and headband in her latest post!

how freaking exciting !!! *eek*

you can see the post here... and please, look at her other posts too. i guarantee you'll find something you like!

thank you Maegan!!


so many ideas... so little time

i currently have a million ideas floating through my head for items to produce. i just wish i had the time to sit down and make them!! i do get to create when i get home from work in the evenings which are pieces that need to get out to their new owners  :) believe me, i'm not complaining about that!

so i thought i should make a short little list here so that i can look back when i need to. here we go...

-i recently learned (via youtube videos) how to knit (yes, i said KNIT) on circular needles. i now want to make a million new cowls! and a million of the beanies coming next..

-this beanie (and it's smaller version) by jane richmond, who produces the best knitting patterns! how freaking cute is that?

-i have been getting a ton of requests for kids size beanies. i think numero dos on this list might take care of that! thanks again jane  :)

-i realize that i make scarves but i'm always the last to actually wear them. why is that? i really don't have an answer. could be that i can't decide what color to choose (there are just so many!!). could it be that i can't choose what style i want (again, there's a couple)... i digress. the point, i usually wind up wearing this scarf that i've had for a couple years now:

although mine is black. so i thought, "i could make one of these right?" so my next goal is to make a scarf similar to this, but without fringe and add a little more detail... the detail i just can't give away yet  ;)

-next up: leg warmers. oh brother, or should i say sister, since she is the one that tells asks me to make her some almost everyday. my solution to this was to teach her how to knit... which i did. but... my number one reason to learn how to knit on circular needles was so i could make that little stinker a pair of leg warmers for her birthday. which is this thursday the 4th. my little sunni will be 25, holy hell when did that happen? then i also broke down and told her i was making her a pair. we really can't go a birthday or christmas without spilling one present to each other, it's just how we roll. i actually have to confess that they are pretty darn easy!

i'm modifying this pattern pictured. instead of a seed stitich i'm doing a stockinette. now to hustle and finish them by the big day!!

-finally, make cookies. i didn't say bake (cause i can't), i said make. sunni & i said we were going to make them last weekend but that didn't really happen. they are a cinch and maybe i'll post a "how to" when we finally get around to them. i don't think they have a name? sunni, do they have a name? they are ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle, dunked in melted semi sweet chocolate and then sprinkled with, uhhh, yeah... sprinkles. they are so damn good. i want one now actually...

so that bascially sums up my list, for now, that is!