fall/winter 2011

at long last... here are the final items for my fall/winter 2011 line. hope you love them as much as i do  :)

find them all here!


new fall/winter 2011 preview

the bellingham cowl in grey marble $35

the san juan scarf in cranberry $55

the bowmans bay cowl (left) in raspberry $65
the bellingham cowl (right) in grass $35

more items to come as the week moves on :)
find them all here

photos are done by the talented Abbie Kunch. and i have to mention... she's only 14 years old!!


but he smells like ranch dressing!

i've loved this song since it came out but, have a love for it on another level now. this video is amazing!

i'm so glad bands are still making videos... even though mtv stopped playing them.


i'm lovin it!

i'm loving this song right now. and the video makes me crave the spring/summer. i can't wait til the sun is shining, you can fly kites and even run around on old abandoned cars... what?!

...just enjoy the video


"you probably don't even know my middle name"

i call this one of my "comfort movies" as i can watch it over and over again and forget everything else going on in the world. one of my favorite scenes...

i just love margot



all of these looks are amazing to me.
all images from here.


bear with me...

all images from here


the weather outside is... chilly

i have a new favorite nail color. i'm seriously in love with it... maybe a tad bit obsessed. i got it for christmas but just got around to painting my nails with it yesterday. all i've been doing since is staring at my nails... seriously!
i even thought how nice it looked against the magenta yarn i was knitting with.
...yeah, i said it.

i've noticed this once before but since it happened again today i thought i'd mention it. after painting my nails with this awesome color (chinchilly: a sleek granite gray) it's definitely on the brain. when i got dressed this morning i realized that i had, subconsciously, matched my outfit to my nail color. i'm wearing my norm of all black but with a gray striped tank... even put gray socks on this morning. is that weird? cause i don't think so!

so here's a quick pic of my nails...

as you can see it's a bit darker than in the picture from their website. it's an amazing color. it will look fab in the summer when i have a bit more color to my skin  ;)

here's the color on deck:

pictures to follow if i'm equally in love with it!

both were purchased here


holy smokes!

if you haven't already, i suggest that you head over to sydneys blog and have a laugh... or five. she's a student/comedian/fashionista. i love all of her outfit posts but my favorite are her awkward & awesome thursdays. seriously people, go over and look... now!

i'm honored that sydney is wearing my very own friday harbor beanie in her latest outfit post, yay! she really did pick out the perfect color, it looks great on her. see for yourself...


the year was 2010

lots of wonderful memories in 2010. here a my favorites.

sushi dinner after our engagement! jan 2010

-sadly there aren't any photos of ryans birthday in march. we went to bellevue and played in the lucky strike arcade and had a wonderful time!

my new tattoo (apr 23, 2010). now i need some knitting needles  ;)

angela got chelsea handler tickets for us for my birthday! it was a blast.

we camped in the rain... lots of catch phrase and jenga until 2am.

a few dinners at the wilde rover come summer time

celebrated nelly's birthday at marymoor park watching slighty stoopid

can't get enough mark & nelly

also in july:
-not pictured: sunni & i did a 5k! it was so awesome, can't wait for the next one. we will remember our cameras next time  :)

never before seen photos of the kings of leon show. wow, what a night. out of control! lot's of thanks to nicole, i had a blast!!

wow, i was tan!

my etsy shop blew up nov/dec. but i'm not boring you with those pictures again, you've seen them a million times on here already!


what a year. i had so much fun! i can't wait to see what this year brings.
many thanks to all of you that were a part of the memories shown. you will always be in my heart.

happpppy new year!!!