it was a very etsy christmas

this year for christmas i decided that all of sunni's presents would be handmade. i appreciate so much when people buy my items so i thought, why not give some business to other people like me?!

before we get to the pictures and etsy shops i would like to state for the record that buying for sunni is NOT hard. basically i find stuff that i like and then get it. only problem is that i usually get one for myself too. oops!

so here we go...

creamy grapefruit (for myself)

island cocounut (for myself)

these soaps are AMAZING! they smell so yummy. if i was little ralphie in a christmas story i would want my mouth washed out with these.
check out dianes other soaps & handmade scrubbies here

marisol's absolutely beautiful artwork adorn these handy little pocket mirrors. i fell in love with all of her artwork. i will be purchasing a locket and a print in the near future!
look at all her items here

i knew my sister would LOVE this... and she did  ;)  the craftsmanship is amazing. so beautiful and incredibly soft.
look at all of marketa's items here

i hope everyones christmas was as amazing as mine was! what were your favorite gifts this year?


christmas eve & christmas 2010

christmas eve & christmas morning were spent at ryans parents house. prime rib dinner for christmas eve & a huge breakfast following presents on christmas morning.

i can't get enough of this face!

ava with her new MRS. potato head

christmas socks & coffee

ava in her "ho ho ho" hat

red glittery christmas nails

ava in front of her new kitchen!

kylee playing with her new "toy"

ava & uncle ian with her new MR. potato head

bow head!

ava & auntie "kyee" gettin some snuggles in

mama reading to ava

her new food for the kitchen

mmmmmm, chocolate cake  ;)

kylee stoked to get her new north face jacket!

silly ava & unlce ryan

think kylee likes pink this year?!

one of the new dresses we got her, so cute!

then it was off to my dads to open some more stockings & presents.

of course barron got a couple things. including this HUGE bone!! scary people, scary!

barron saying "get the HELL away from my bone!"

then it was time to go home for a bit & relax. then some food & more presents at my grammas house.
(by this time i was gettin a bit tired of taking photos  ;))

baby stellah in her pretty christams dress

would you expect anything less than arm wrestling at a granville family event? i don't think so.
my little brother jake & cousin colin bringing in the crowd to watch the action!

then it was time to head home... the day was pretty much non-stop, from 730am to about 8pm that night.
PHEW! time to relax....

i'm so so thankful to have spent so much time with family. that was the best gift of all! hope all of your christmas' were as good as mine was!

december 2010

mind you... this is just a smmmmmall fraction of what the first 3 weeks of december were like. and i wouldn't have it any other way. thank you everyone that bought handmade this year for christmas! yay!



the very first blakely cowl

am i surprised in the slightest that the cranberry color has been extremely popular among orders in the last couple of days? nope, not one bit, seeing how it is so close to christmas. so i thought i'd tell you all the grand story of the very first blakely cowl...

once upon a time.... just kidding, had you going there for a second didn't i?! ha! ok, really, i do have a story but that's not how i'm going to start it.
*ahem* one friday night, (which is date night for ryan & i) we were heading to our local mexican restaurant for some damn tasty food. the weather was cold, it was around this time last year and i didn't have a red scarf to wear. but i had some cranberry colored yarn...

*light blub*... so i made one. yes, before we left for dinner! and i wore that thing so proudly... ryan of course, liked it too. if we only knew then what that ONE scarf would lead to! seems like our dates nights lately consist of him cooking while i'm sitting in my usual spot on the couch crocheting furiously.

would you like to know where that very first blakely cowl in cranberry is this very second? i know you're dying to know!

it is in fact our tree skirt this year. exactly what it had invisioned for itself once it turned one year old...

awww... the memories



i've been MIA lately, sorry about that. i'm up to my eyeballs in yarn! i am so so thankful that people are ordering my creations. i have to say, it feels amazing  :D

i've been creating new pieces for the shop as well. we had a shoot yesterday here are some of my favorites...

see the rest of them here

and thank you all again for your support, it means so much to me  :)

don't forget to check out Lindseys photography blog!


sunni's birthday weekend (in pictures)

sunni and i went to seattle this past weekend for a little birthday celebration. here's what we did...

had korean bbq for dinner, so very tasty

we sang sunni happy birthday

red velvet... mmmmm

we didn't bother with plates

posed for pictures with rosanna

the three of us *yes that is one of my hats rosanna is wearing  ;)

the birthday girl danced with some random who took dancing VERY seriously

we posed for sister photos

and drank champagne in the limo, cause you just have to

before leaving the big city we ate breakfast at kingfish and it was superb

i will also add that we did some shopping. the tank i am wearing... nordy's for one penny. one cent.  .01¢. yeah i couldn't believe it either! happy birthday sunni, to many more!