blast from the past

so last week i signed up for hulu... i watched some movie clips, some old episodes of "the addams family" and started re-watching the first season of "my so-called life". i know im not the only one that fell in love with jordan catalano (jared leto). unfortunately he grew up, joined a band and started wearing guyliner. makes me what to go fight club on him... anywho... in my free time im watching all the episodes from first to last. in every single one i can't help to think to myself "thank god im not in high school anymore!!"
now that it's freezing outside it's good to wrap up in a blanket and watch some television... or watch it on your computer when you're slow at work ;)

songs i love at the moment:

  • metric-gold guns girls
  • company of thieves-oscar wilde
  • the big pink-dominos
  • matt & kim-gold ol' fashion nightmare
  • passion pit-the reeling
  • the sounds-no one sleeps when im awake
  • hockey-too fake
  • them crooked vultures-new fang
  • rise against-savior
  • ladyhawke-my delirium
  • the cribs-we share the same skies
  • the xx-crystalised
  • the temper trap-sweet disposition

quote of the day...

"to those who have given up on love, i say, "trust life a little bit""
--maya angelou